10 Reasons Why Content Marketing is Important for Businesses

The internet is one giant network of information. And this collection of online knowledge is made up of various types of content — text, video, images, social media posts, infographics — all of which are being devoured by the public. Be it for entertainment, education, business or personal use, online content can be useful in many ways to the right audience. No matter what type of content you create, it becomes a part of the vast and continuously growing world that is the internet. 

But how do you maximize the use of every piece of content that you create online? Because, let’s face it, you are not the only business in your industry. Competitors are everywhere. And if you want your brand to rise on top of the competition, creating a winning content marketing strategy is essential. Not convinced? Here are ten reasons why you should create a content marketing strategy that suits your business.

1. Fosters Trust Towards Your Brand

For consumers, an ideal brand is one that walks the talk. To establish a trustworthy brand identity, your business should provide industry knowledge that people can rely on and relate with. For example, top ranking knowledge-based domain can help boost the trust of people towards an SEO company. If you want to prove that your brand is good at something, a good content marketing strategy can help you accomplish that. Consider starting a blog and regularly publish authoritative content that your target market can use. Statistics show that 43% of B2B marketers consider blogging as the most important type of content. If you want to make the most of your content marketing, a blog can do wonders for your brand.

2. Helps Enhance Your Conversion Rate

Apart from establishing your target market’s trust towards your brand, content marketing can also be a great way to improve your conversion rate. A typical website gets an average conversion rate of 2.35%. And if you want to double up your website’s conversion rate, implementing a well-planned content marketing strategy can help. Be it by changing your offers or the flow of the information on your landing page, retargeting your audience, or testing out different landing pages, the content of your landing pages will matter a lot when it comes to achieving the conversion rate you have been aiming for. 

3. Helps Improve Your ROI

Statistics show that marketers who prioritize blogging are 13x more likely to achieve a positive ROI. As part of your content marketing strategy, creating a blog and publishing content regularly can improve your brand’s visibility and also increase your site visitor. By gaining more traffic towards your website, you get to increase your company’s ROI. Considering that content marketing is one of the things that fuels the search engine market, you can guarantee that with the right strategy, your content will pay off eventually.

4. Increases Traffic Towards Your Business Website

If you already have a business website, chances are you had it made for online marketing purposes. Your website’s primary purpose is to boost your brand’s identity, tell your story, as well as promote your products and services. And the truth is, websites are one of the main things that consumers look for. If you have a business, no matter what industry you are in, you will need to have a website to point potential consumers to. And the fact that 61% of consumers prefer companies that create custom content, publishing new content regularly can help boost traffic to your website.

5. Reinforces Your SEO Efforts

Needless to say, content marketing and search engine optimization goes hand in hand. If you create content without taking SEO into account, your efforts will all go to waste. Without making SEO-friendly content, your audience won’t be able to find your website. In the same way, if you implement SEO with no quality content, it will also affect your site’s reputation and ranking. That’s why if you want to be on the top of SERP rankings, content marketing should be a part of your priorities. 

6. Effective Way of Generating Leads

Many marketers nowadays are making use of content to find leads. Apart from publishing blog articles regularly, landing pages can also be an effective way of receiving organic traffic towards your website. In fact, through long landing pages, your business can generate up to 220% more leads. And by nurturing these leads, you can eventually funnel out your target market and convert your site visitors to paying customers.

7. Builds Brand Authority

The content that you publish online reflects your brand’s reputation. If you want to rise up to the competition and to prove that you are the right brand for your customers, it helps that you share the story with your target audience. Let them know what your brand is all about. Apart from your brand’s story, it also helps that you share your expertise about the industry you are in. With the right content strategy, you get to promote your brand’s identity and authority. This is also why branding plays an important role when it comes to online marketing. 

8. Cost Effective Marketing Strategy

Compared to other types of online marketing techniques, content marketing is definitely a more cost effective option. It relies on the quality of the articles that you create. So if you have authoritative articles and an impressive content marketing strategy, you can definitely drive more traffic towards your business. In fact, compared with paid search advertising, content marketing can get you three times more leads. And because content marketing is an affordable marketing technique, many small businesses are taking advantage of it.

9. Enhances Customer Retention

More than just being a budget-friendly marketing strategy, a good content marketing strategy can improve customer retention. In fact, a case study on content marketing ROI shows that Tiger Fitness, an online nutritional retailer, grew their returning customer rate by 60%. This result became a possibility because Tiger Fitness grabbed every opportunity to create and promote content, which helped boost their brand’s visibility and foster a stronger following from their existing customer base.

10. Supports Link Building

Another integral part of online marketing is link building. Building links is one of the most effective ways of improving your website’s search engine ranking. If you want to improve your brand’s visibility and authority, link building is a must. But for your link building efforts to work, you need great quality articles that are worth linking to. One of the main reasons why many businesses strive to create authoritative articles is to make their website worth sharing and worth using as credible references. Whether it’s by using a list-based headline, incorporating statistics or including videos or infographics, marketers are now incorporating various techniques to improve the quality and shareability of their content.

So whether you are an experienced content strategist or just trying to make sense of why quality content matters, we hope that this list helped you learn more about why content marketing matters. By having a great content strategy designed for your brand, you are guaranteed to grow your brand’s following and establish a good reputation for your business.


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